Solutions for all your worries about Third Trimester

If you are little bit nervous about your third trimester or delivery of baby then do one thing

Imagine “On one fine day Morning you are holding your new born baby at your hand and he /she slightly open his/her eyes and try to hold your figure with his/her little palm”. What did you feel after this do share in comment below I would indeed be happy to read your comments.

Well you need not to be little worry about your third trimester. In this blog I will discuss in detail about every aspects of third trimester that you should know before ending of your pregnancy 26th week for smooth journey of your next three month.

Third Trimester

Third Trimester start from 27th week onward and continue till Baby delivery which in normally up to 40 weeks in most cases. However in few 20% cases delivery could happen in between 40th week to 42 week. (If in case it goes beyond 42nd week I would recommend you should consult with your doctor first and If required then should go for induce labor which is completely safe under doctor observation)

Baby Growth

Seventh Month

By the end of seventh month your baby hearing get fully developed and it will also start responding to sound, light and pain. Your baby will frequently change its position and your will feel when he or she does it. In few cases baby also get prematurely born in seventh month and they get easily survive with intensive care. Your baby size will grow upto 14 inches by seventh month end.

Eighth Month

By the end of Eighth month your baby most of internal organs get completely develop .your baby brain grow rapidly which make it capable to see and hear things in eighth month itself. Your baby movement  and  kick frequency increase in eight month. Baby size will grow upto 18 inches by month end.

Ninth Month.

Baby continues to develop during this month. By month end  baby is able to open and close its eyes ,move its finger, turn its head ,respond to sound, light and touch. Baby size will grow upto 18-20 inches.


Labor pain usually start few hours before the birth of baby .It could be mild or strong depending upon the baby position .the first early sign of delivery is increasing in frequency of pain along with dilate or efface of cervix .At the time of delivery oxytocin level in body increase which help in strong and effective contractions . When pain and oxytocin level become too high body itself release beta endrophins to manage pain.  When Baby drops down in your pelvis and his/her head facing toward birth canal your body itself push a baby toward birth canal .Only thing you need to do is to avoid stress  .Just remember more you feel safe ,emotionally protected and less stressed more easily would be your delivery. At the time of birth baby usual weight is around 7 to 7.5 pounds


Ultrasound scan is not required in third trimester unless until there is some medical urgency or your due date is passed. In most cases 20th week ultrasound scan is last scan during pregnancy.


Third trimester symptoms are slightly different from second and first trimester symptoms. You might experience variety of symptoms in last month but few one that common with all of us are.

  • Shortness of breath especially during last week of pregnancy
  • Frequent urination
  • Swollen feet
  • leg cramps
  • heartburn
  • varicose veins
  • backache
  • fatigue
  • labor pain at small interval during few hours before delivery.


Third Trimester is last trimester of pregnancy during these three months your diet play crucial role in baby body complete development and growth and mature. I suggest you to include following items in your diet plan during third Trimester.

  • Dairy products such as cheese  milk, Yogurt etc  :- min 3 times a day one cup milk or yogurt .
  • Green Vegetables such as broccoli ,spinach etc:- 4 -5 times a day half cup chopped raw or cooked vegetable.
  • Red Meat for high protein , eggs and Legumes such as lentils, peas, beans, chickpeas, soybeans etc :-2-3 times a day eat protein food such as 2-3 ounce meat ,2 eggs or 1 cup of legumes.
  • Whole grain:-3 times a day half cooked cereals.
  • Fresh fruits:- 4-5 times a day medium piece of fresh fruit
  • Water is most important -you should make sure to avoid any type of dehydration.

Your Calories intake should be 300 to 500 calories more than your usual calorie intake in second trimester as baby body now require more calories in last trimester. I would recommend you to first consult with your doctor/dietician before finalizing any diet chart to ensure you and your baby proper nutrition requirement.


Exercise is as important as your diet in pregnancy but you should avoid doing heavy exercise during pregnancy as sometimes lead to pregnancy related complication however you can do  few exercise such as

  • Walking in slow pace
  • swimming
  • yoga
  • Meditation

I recommend you to do exercise with low impact only as per your comfort level. You should stop or avoid doing any exercise if you felt uncomfortable at any moment.

Don’t Do list for your pregnancy

Below is Do not Do list that you must follow during your pregnancy for your health and your baby growth.

  • Do not Smoke
  • Do not Drink Alcohol
  • Do not exercise of high impact such as cycling , heavy weight lifting etc
  • Do not play any games of high impact such as diving ,rugby etc
  • Do not take drugs
  • Do not diet or fast.
  • Do not eat too much beyond your capacity.

Apart from above list there would be many other things that need to be avoid in your routine work. I recommend you to share your routine work details with your gynecologist to know about things that must be avoid to do in your pregnancy.

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If you find this blog useful and had some good memories of you pregnancy then do share in below comments. I would indeed be happy to read about your views.

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