Baby Gender

Baby gender

Baby gender determination is a too sensitive topic for Mom. As soon you get a positive pregnancy test result, You will be overwhelmed with the feeling of having a new life in your womb. A new life that will call you a mom and complete your motherhood.

Also, there will be lots of excitement and curiosity in your mind about your new babies like your due date, baby gender, health preventive measures during pregnancy, morning sickness, three trimesters journey, and many more.

Among the above, the most commonly asked question by your family member will be “Do you know what you are having?”.Also Being a mother you also have a curiosity about knowing your baby’s gender. In this post, I share with you some highly accurate methods of determining the baby’s gender that give 90% to 100% accurate results in all cases. Are you excited about finding out the gender of your baby then read below:

Baby Gender | how can you tell what your having ?

Baby Gender -Doctor’s view

As per the Doctor – The baby’s gender is decided by the father, not by the mother. It’s the Father’s sperm type that decides whether you are going to have a Girl or Boy. if you are curious about how does it work then read more below

Old folk tales and Gender predictor theorieS

There are a lot of fun old tales of different cultures that promise to predict your baby’s gender. Enjoy trying some of the following folklore, fun-based, gender-prediction tests. read more below

Chinese Gender Calendar

Chinese gender calendar is claimed as a 100 percent accurate baby gender predictor 2022 for pregnant by many websites. It’s a quite famous baby Chinese predictor calendar method that is based on the ancient Chinese prediction method. To know how to use it and read it click below

Chinese Baby Calculator

Based on the Chinese baby gender calendar. We have designed a Chinese baby gender calculator that works on the same principle of the Chinese lunar calendar method used by the Chinese gender Calendar to predict baby gender. you can try this Chinese baby calculator by clicking below

Mayan Calendar & CALCULATOR

Based on the Mayan baby gender calendar. We have designed a Mayan baby gender calculator that works on the same principle of the Mayan calendar method used by the Maya Civilization to predict baby gender. you can try this Maya baby calculator by clicking below

Baby gender Ultrasound

The easiest and fastest way to determine the baby’s gender between 18 to 22 weeks of pregnancy is through Ultrasound. But its accuracy can vary in a few cases as we discussed in our post. To read more about ultrasound procedure for baby gender click below

Baby Gender
CVS and AMINO test

CVS and Amino tests are carried out by taking chromosomes sample from the mother’s womb. These tests are carried out to detect pre-birth babies’ genetic disorders and baby gender. It also involves a few risks. To read about it in more detail click below

Baby Gender

Noninvasive prenatal testing (NPIT) is a type of blood test that help to detect the birth informalities along with the baby’s gender. It is less risker but costlier than CVS and AMINO methods. To read more about this method click below