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50 most unique Virgo Baby Girl names Islamic

Virgo (♍︎) is the sixth astrological sign in the Zodiac. if your baby is Virgo rising then it means that Virgo was the zodiac sign that was on the eastern horizon at the time of your baby’s birth.  As a Virgo rising, your baby will have some amazing traits that are hardly found in other zodiac sign people.

A Virgo rising person is ruled by the earth and their ruling planet is Mercury, the planet of technology, intellect, and communication.

The most common personality traits found in Virgo Islamic girls are

Personality Traits of Virgo Islamic girls

Her Strengths Her Weakness Her likes Her Dislikes
Loyal, Insightful, kind, Diligent, Pragmatic Modesty, Stress, Excessively Disparaging of self and others, a Workaholic Animals, Healthy food, Intellectual books,
Impoliteness, Asking for help, Limelight.
Personality Traits of Virgo Islamic girls

These days many young parents are choosing unique Muslim names for their prince and princess as per their Zodiac sign. If you are also looking forward to some unique  Vigro Islamic baby girl’s name for your little angel then you can find one such unique name in the below list of 50 Unique Virgo Baby Girl names Islamic.

50 unique Virgo Baby girls names Islamic

Virgo names starts with the syllables ‘To’, ‘Tau’, ‘Pa’, ‘Pha’, ‘Pi’, ‘Pee’, ‘Phi’, ‘Pu’, ‘Poo’, ‘Phu’, ‘Sha’, ‘Ana’, ‘Ane’, ‘Na’, ‘Th’, ‘Pe’, ‘Pay’, ‘Pha’, ‘Po’, ‘Pau’ and ‘Pho’ .Below are 50 unique Islamic Vigro Babg Girl names

50 unique Virgo Baby girls names Islamic

Name Meaning Urdu words Arabic words
Ana Playful عنا آنا
Anaida Beautifull and intelligent عنایدا۔ أنايدا
Anaum Blessing انعم أنوم
Anavia Cute Baby اناویہ أنافيا
Aneeqa Beautiful عنیقہ أنيقة
Aneesha Generous انیشہ أنيشا
Nasiha One who gives valuable advice نسیحہ نسيحة
Nasrin Rose نسرین نسرين
Natara Sacrifice نٹارا ناتارا
Nathifa Pure نتھیفہ نظيفة
Nawal Gift نوال نوال
Nawar Flower نوار نوار
Nayef Highness and grace نائف نايف
Nazahah Honesty نازحہ نزاهة
Nazeeha Honest نازیہ نزيهة
Nazeera Like نذیرہ نذيرة
Nazeeya hope نازیہ نزيه
Nazena Knowledge نازینہ نازينة
Nazia Princess نازیہ نازيا
Nazihah Honest نازیہ نزيهة
Nazima Poetess ناظمہ نسيمة
Nazirah Equal نذیرہ نذيره
Naziya Highly aspiring نازیہ نزية
Nazma Star ناظمہ نظمة
Nazneen Beautiful نازنین نازنين
Pakiza Polite پاکیزہ باكيزا
Panra Leaf پانڑا بانرا
Pareesima Fairy faced پریسیما۔ باريسيما
Pari Angel پاری باري
Pariza Fairy پریزا باريزا
Parveen Star پروین بارفين
Polika Bright پولیکا بوليكا
Polita Intelligent پولیٹا۔ بوليتا
Pouneh Flower پونہ بونه
Pouran Successor پوران بوران
Priaya Jewels پریا برييا
Shaadiya Luck شادیہ شادية
Shaba Young شبہ شابا
Shabana Young lady شبانہ شبانة
Shabina Sweet شبینہ شابينا
Shabnam Dew Drops شبنم شابنام
Shadman Joyful شادمان شادمان
Shafeena A Boat شفینہ شافينا
Shafia Pure شافعہ شافية
Shafiqa Compassionate شفیقہ شفيقة
Shafna Pure شفنا شفنة
Shahana Queen شاہانہ شاهانا
Thana Praise تھانہ ثانا
Thara Wealth تھرا ثارا
Thasni River تھسنی۔ حسني


Final Words

Names are too important for us. It reflects our ethnicity, our culture, our Values, and our ancestor’s identity.

Hence being a Parent it’s your duty you select your child’s name wisely and as per your cultural values.

Although both BABY BOY or BABY GIRL have their own importance and would definitely bring love and happiness to our life.

but choosing the right baby name can also bring positivity to our child’s life as well.

Above I had listed 50 Uniqueirgo Baby Girl names Islamic from various online and offline sources.

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I hope you have found this blog useful. Do share your comments below.

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