xhosa names starting with A ( Rare Xhosa baby names 2022)

xhosa names starting with A– xhosa names 2021 -2022)

Xhosa (also isiXhosa) is the most spoken language in Africa.

It is the first language of approx. 8.2 million people and second Language of approx 11 million in South Africa.

Being A Nguni Bantu language and the official language of South Africa and Zimbabwe, It is widely spoken by many across different Continents.

These days many young parents are choosing Xhosa names for their children. If you are also looking forward to Xhosa name starting with A

then you can find one unique name in the below list of 50 Unique xhosa names that start with a

Xhosa names that start with A

Rare Xhosa baby names 2022

S.no Name Meaning
1 Abahlobo Friend
2 Abantu We all are
3 Abelana One who share
4 Abongile  Thankful
5 Abulele  Thankful
6 Adelena Helpful
7 Afeziwe  Fulfilled, done
8 Ahluma  The clan has grown
9 Akha Build
10 Akhinzolo  Build peace
11 Akhona present
12 Alulutho  Of great help
13 Alunamida  None ending love/faith
14 Aluve  Feel, be aware of
15 Amahle  Beautiful
16 Amandla Power
17 Amanzi Water
18 Amaqela Bond
19 Amaso Bead
20 Amathuba  Opportunities
21 Amava Experience
22 Amila  They are firm
23 Amkhitha  Beautiful
24 Amyoli  The clan is happy
25 Anathi  They are with us
26 Anayi without a superior
27 Andile increase
28 Andisiwe extension
29 Andiswa family extension
30 Anele  Sufficient
31 ankhona They are
32 Anovuyo  Joyful
33 Aphiwe  Given, gift
34 Aradhi To be worshiped
35 Asanda family extension
36 Asemahle  Beautiful
37 Aseza  Still coming
38 Asiphesona  Gift given to us (by God)
39 Asive  Let he/him hear us
40 Athandwa  Loved one
41 Athenkosi  Thankful
42 Avethandwa  Truly loved
43 Aviwe been heard
44 Avuyile  They are delightful
45 Ayabonga they are greatful
46 Ayakha  Build
47 Ayanda family extension
48 Ayithetheki Ineffable
49 Ayize hope for good
50 Amaqashiso Lots


Final Words

Names are too important for us. It reflects our ethnicity, our culture, Values, and our ancestor’s identity.

Hence being a Parent it’s your duty that you select your child’s name wisely and as per your cultural values.

Although both BABY BOY or BABY GIRL have their own importance and would definitely bring love and happiness in our life.

but choosing the right baby name can also bring positivity to our child’s life as well.

Above I had listed 50 unique xhosa names starting with  A from various online and offline sources.

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