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unique xhosa names- xhosa baby names 2021-2022

unique xhosa names- xhosa baby names 2021-2022

Xhosa (also isiXhosa) is the most spoken language in Africa.

It is the first language of approx. 8.2 million people and second Language of approx  11 million in South Africa.

Being A Nguni Bantu language and the official language of South Africa and Zimbabwe, It is widely spoken by many across different Continents.

These days many young parents are choosing Xhosa names for their children. If you are also looking forward to unique xhosa name

then you can find one unique name in the below list of 50 unique xhosa names- xhosa baby names 2021-2022.

unique xhosa names- xhosa baby names 2021-2022 Name Meaning
1 Ayithetheki Ineffable
2 Ekugqibeleni Ultimate
3 Encumile Smiling
4 Eqaqambileyo Brightest
5 Igorha Warrior
6 Ikratshi Pride
7 ilanga Sun
8 Inkokeli Leader
9 Inkwenkwezi Star
10 Intlonipho Respect
11 Intyatyambo Flower
12 Inyanga Moon
13 Inyaniso Truth
14 Iqhawe Hero
15 Isaqhwithi Storm
16 Isibhakabhaka Sky
17 Isidima Dignity
18 Isipho Gift
19 Ithemba Hope
20 Iyahambelana Harmonious
21 Iyakhazimla Lustrous
22 Naphakade Eternal
23 Ndicinga Sonder
24 Ngokungenaloyiko Fearless
25 Simanyene United
26 Ubomi Life
27 Ububele Kindness
28 Ubukhulu Magnanimous
29 Ubuntu Humanity
30 Ukhanyiselo Enlightenment
31 Ukonwabisa Amusement
32 Ukuchuma Flourishing
33 Ukukhanya Luminescence
34 Ukumkani King
35 Ukuzimisela Determination
36 Ukuzola Serendipity
37 Ulonwabo Happiness
38 Ulwandle Ocean
39 Ulwaneliseko Contentment
40 Umbulelo Gratitude
41 Umeyisi Conqueror
42 Umhlaba Earth
43 Umlilo Fire
44 Unamandla Powerfull
45 Unenceba Benevolent
46 Uthando Love
47 Uthixo God
48 Uxolo Peace
49 Yomelele Strong
50 Zintle Noble

Final Words

Names are too important for us. It reflects our ethnicity, our culture, Values, and our ancestor’s identity.

Hence being a Parent it’s your duty that you select your child’s name wisely and as per your cultural values.

Although both BABY BOY or BABY GIRL have their own importance and would definitely bring love and happiness in our life.

but choosing the right baby name can also bring positivity to our child’s life as well.

Above I had listed 50 unique xhosa names  from various online and offline sources.

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