100 Unique Baby Boy Names that start with “I”

Name plays an important role in our life. It is part of our identity by which the world knows us and calls us.

Choosing the right name is not easy, especially when we want to do it for our baby.

I know you love your son unconditionally and wanna everything best for him, even a name also!!!

So in order to help you out, I had figured out 100 unique Baby Boy Name that starts with “ I“ from various online and offline sources.

Here are 100 unique Baby Boy Names that start with “I” for your little prince!!!

If you want a more name option then the below mentioned link has more than 1000 names options then click here.

s.no Name Meaning
1 Iacopo Father of Israel tribe progenitors
2 Iago supplanter
3 Iain  God is gracious
4 Iasthai To heal
5 Ibaad worshipper
6 Ibad Virtuous
7 Ibadah obedience of God
8 Ibadullah servants of God
9 Ibhanan Lord ganesh
10 Ibn Son
11 Ibnat Daughter
12 Ibrahim Arabic name of the prophet and patriarch Abraham
13 Ibrar Helpful
14 Ibreez Gold, Ruby, Pearl and Coral
15 Ibrisam Silk
16 Ibriz Pure Gold
17 Ibtesam Smiling
18 Ibtihaaj Joy
19 Icarus Son of the creator of the Labyrinth
20 Ichaa Desire
21 Ichiro First  Son
22 Idan Time
23 Idaspati Vishnu
24 Iddo to be mighty.
25 Idhant Luminous
26 Idhar Fluff
27 Idhyah Praiseworthy
28 Iestyn righteous
29 Ieuan Gift Of God
30 Ifan Gracious Lord
31 Ifran Identity
32 Ifraz Height
33 Igli Eagle
34 Ignis Fire
35 Igor Warrior of peace
36 Ihit One who is honored
37 Ihlas Lovely Heart
38 Ihsan Perfection
39 Ijay Lord Vishnu
40 Ikaia God to Deliver
41 Ikaika Strong
42 Ikesh Unique
43 Ikjeet Victorious
44 Ikram Glory
45 Ikshan Sight
46 Ilaaf Protection
47 Ilahi Divine
48 Ilamaran Brave
49 Ilashpasti Lord of the earth
50 Ilavalagan Attractive Man
51 Ilayaraj Prince
52 Ilhan Precious
53 Ilian Spiritual
54 Ilija great or glorious
55 Ilir being free
56 Ilisa King of the earth
57 Ilja My God is the lord
58 Illarion cheerful, merry
59 Imaan FaithFul
60 Imad Support
61 Imaran Great Strength
62 Ina Sun
63 Inakanta Beloved of sun
64 Inbanathan Sweet Boy
65 Indarmeet Friend of the almighty God
66 Indarpal Preserver Of God
67 Indarpreet Love for God
68 Indeever Blue lotus
69 Indermaan Respect for God
70 Indivar Lord Vishnu
71 Indrajeet77 Conqueror
72 Indraneel Emerald
73 Indukant Moon
74 Indushekhar Lord Shiva
75 Ingo Success
76 Inigo My Little
77 Inoday Sunrise
78 Ioan Gift from God
79 Iolo handsome lord
80 Iqbal one who is strong
81 Irena Peace
82 Iri Lord Hanuman
83 Irwin Good Fortune
84 Isa Jesus
85 Isaan One Mountain
86 Isai Gift
87 Isaias God is salvation
88 Isamu Courage
89 Isao Merit
90 Isen Iron
91 Ishayu Full of strength
92 Ishit Ruler
93 Ishwar God
94 Ismat Purity
95 Istvan Victorious
96 Ivan Gift from God
97 Ives Yaw wood
98 Iwan God is Gracious
99 Iwao Stone Man
100 Iyaad Generous

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Final Words

Even though BABY BOY or BABY GIRL have their own importance and would definitely bring love and happiness in our life but choosing a baby name is as important as other things for a child. Above I had listed 100 unique Baby Boy Name that starts with “ I“ from various online and offline sources.

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I hope you have found this blog useful. Do share your comments below.

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