100 Unique Baby Boy Names that start with “F”

Name plays an important role in our life. It is part of our identity by which world knows us and calls us.

Choosing the right name is not easy, especially when we want to do it for our baby.

I know you love your son unconditionally and wanna everything best for him, even a name also!!!

So in order to help you out, I had figured out 100 unique Baby Boy Name that starts with “ F“ from various online and offline sources.

Here are 100 unique Baby Boy Names that start with “F” for your little prince!!!


S.No Name Meaning
1  Finlay Fair-haired courageous one
2 Faaiz SuccessFul, Prosperous, Victories
3 Faakhir Proud, Excellent
4 Faaris Horseman, Knight
5 Faaz Victorius, successFul
6 Fabio Farmer
7 Fadi redeemer or savior
8 Fadil Honourable, outstanding
9 Fadl Reward, Favour
10 Faeq Surpassing, excellent
11 Fahad Lynx, wild cat
12 Fahd Brave
13 Faheem Intelligent
14 Fahim U ndrestanding, clever, wise
15 Fai Growth
16 Faik Surpassing, excellent, leader
17 Faiq Superior, Ascendant, Outstanding
18 Faisal Strong, handsome
19 Faiyaz Artistic
20 Faizan Ruler
21 Fajaruddin The First
22 Fajer Morning
23 Fakeeh CheerFul
24 Fakhr Pride, Something to Feel proud about
25 Fakhri Honorary, glorious, proud
26 Fakhrul Proud
27 Fakih Humorous
28 Falah Success
29 Falgu Lovely
30 Falgun Day oF the Full moon
31 Falit A Fertile land
32 Faneel Sea waves
33 Faneemdra Name oF Lord Shiva
34 Fang Pleasant
35 Fanibhushan Lord Shiva
36 Fanindra The Cosmic Serpent Shesh
37 Fanish A cosmic serpent; name oF majestic Lord Shiva
38 Fanishwar Lord oF Serpents, Vasuki
39 Faqeeh Jurist, Scholar oF religious laws
40 Faraj There have been men with this name
41 Farasat Perception, sagacity
42 Faraz Ascent, height
43 Fareed Unique, incomparable
44 Farees Braverer
45 Farhan Glad, happy, joyFul
46 Farid Unique
47 Faris Knight
48 Faruq One who distinguishes truth From Falsehood
49 Faryad A surprising cry For help
50 Farzand A young male child, a son
51 Fasahat Eloquence
52 Faseeh Eloquent (Suggested name FASEEUDDIN)
53 Fateen Clever, Smart
54 Fateh Victory
55 Faunus God oF Forest
56 Faustino smart boy
57 Fausto Lucky
58 Fawad Heart
59 Fawzi SuccessFul
60 Faxian Buddhist monk
61 Fayaaz Kind & Generous; Gracious
62 Fayd Abundance
63 Fayek Surpassing, excellent, superior, outstanding
64 Faysal Decisive
65 Fazal Grace
66 Fazan Ruler
67 Federico PeaceFul ruler
68 Fedor GiFt oF God
69 Fei To Fly
70 Feivel Brilliant one
71 Fela Lucky
72 Felice CheerFul
73 Felix SuccessFul
74 Feng Wind
75 Fenix immortal bird
76 Ferdinand PeaceFul journey
77 Ferenc Free
78 Fermin Strong
79 Fernand Brave traveller
80 Feroz Shinning
81 Ferruccio iron sowrd
82 Fiddah Silver
83 Fidel FaithFul
84 Fidyan Person who makes sacriFice
85 Filiberto Very Bright
86 Fillmore Very Famous
87 Finbar Fair-headed one
88 Finlo Fair Sun god
89 Fintan White Fire
90 Firas Perspicacious
91 Firoz GiFt
92 Fizan Breeze
93 Foivos Bright pure
94 Fotis Light
95 Fu Good Fortune
96 Fudail Excellent in character
97 Furozh Light
98 Fuwad Heart
99 Fuzail An accomplished person
100 Fiorello Little flower


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Final Words

Even though BABY BOY or BABY GIRL have their own importance and would definitely bring love and happiness in our life but choosing a baby name is as important as other things for a child. Above I had listed 100 unique Baby Boy Name that starts with “ F“ from various online and offline sources.

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I hope you have found this blog useful. Do share your comments below.

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