xhosa name starts with l( xhosa baby names)

Xhosa (also isiXhosa) is the most spoken language in Africa. It is the first language of approx. 8.2 million people and second Language of approx  11 million in South Africa. Xhosa is a Nguni Bantu language and the official language of South Africa and Zimbabwe.

These days many young parents are choosing Xhosa names for their children. If you are looking forward for xhosa name starts with l then you can find one unique name in below list of 50 Unique xhosa name starts with l

xhosa name starts with l

S.no Name Meaning
1 Lakhiwe  A home has been built
2  Lindelwa One who was awaited
3 Langa  Sun
4 Langalethu  Our son
5 Langalibalele Born during a drough
6 Langelihle Good lovely day
7 Lauzel One Who can Prophesize
8 Lelethu  it’s ours (inheritance)
9 Lephelo The End
10 Lifa  Inheritance
11 Ligugu  He or she is our pride
12 Lihle  Is beautiful
13 Lindani  Await
14 Lindela  Await
15 Lindelwa  Awaited
16 Lindikhaya  Wait for home
17 Lindisizwe  Waiting for a country
18 Lindiwe  Awaited
19 Lingomso  Tomorrow/ the future
20 Liqhamile  Bright
21 Lithalethu  Our light
22 Lithetha  The sun is bright
23 Liyabona It sees
24 Liyakhanya  The sun is shining
25 Liyema  The home is standing
26 Lingana To be equal
27 Lkhaya Home
28 Londisa Care Giver
29 Lonwabo Happiness
30 Lubabalo Grace
31 Lowo That one
32 Lulama Meek,Soft Spoken
33 Lulamile Tamed
34 Lulana The Winner
35 Lulibo  First ripe fruits of a tree
36 Lumka  Be careful
37 Lumko  Carefulness/wisdom
38 Lundi Horizon
39 Lunga Be Good/Kind
40 Lungelo Right
41 Lunje  (Love is) like this
42 Luthando Love
43 Luvuyo Of joy
44 Luxolo Peace
45 Luyolo Pleasure
46 Luzuko  Glory
47 Linda Await
48 Lwandle Sea
49 Lwando Increment, increasing
50 Lwazi Knowledge

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Final Words

Even though BABY BOY or BABY GIRL have their own importance and would definitely bring love and happiness in our life but choosing a baby name is as important as other things for a child. Above I had listed 50 unique Baby Boy Name that starts with “L “ from various online and offline sources.

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