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Rajput Name Dictionary – 50 unique Rajput Baby Boy Names

In India, Rajasthan is well known as the state of  Kings, Queens, and the Royal Palace of Rajputs.  These days modern Indian parents prefer Royal Rajput baby boy names or Royal Rajput baby girl names  for their children rather than normal sound names.

Names are not just words but they are a part of individual personality and life. Hence selection of the right baby name is too important for parents as the Right name can bring in the future the right positivity and confidence in a child’s personality and life.

In this quest, I have done some research and created a unique Rajput name dictionary which has a list of 50 unique Royal Rajput baby boy names for your child.I recommend you to read these names at least once before finalizing the name for your child.

Rajput Name Dictionary – Rajput Baby Boy Names

S.no Name Meaning
1 Aryan Brave
2 Arpit Submission
3 Abhay Raj Fearless, Son of Dharma
4 Adityaraj Lord Surya, Sun, Son of Aditi
5 Amardeep Eternal light
6 Avirat Continuous, Ongoing
7 Bhanupratap Rising Sun in the Morning
8 Bhavadeep Always Living with Happy
9 Chaitanya Divine radiance
10 Chandradeep Moonlight
11 Chatrapal A friend of friends
12 Daivat Strength, power
13 Dhruvraj The polar star
14 Digivjay Conqueror; Victorious;
15 Divyesh Sun, Full of divinity
16 Gambhir Deep, Serious
17 Gunvant Virtuous
18 Hansraj King of swans
19 Harshvardhan One who increases Joy, Happiness
20 Harshdev Happiness, Joy, Delight
21 Hirendra Lord of diamond, Genius
22 Hitendra Well wisher
23 Indravadan Lord Indra
24 Jaidev Lord of victory
25 Jyotiraditya Lord Krishna
26 Joravar Mighty brave
27 Kalpraj God of Time
28 Kanak Gold
29 Kanman Precious like an eye
30 Kaushal Clever, Skilled
31 Karmaraj Noble nature, Generosity
32 Kirtidev Fame
33 Krishnadev The divinity of Lord Krishna
34 Lakhan Lord Rama’s brother
35 Mahavir Most courageous among men
36 Mahedra Indra; Lord Vishnu
37 Mahendra Lord Indra, Lord of the sky
38 Meghraj King of clouds, Lord Indra
39 Narvin Freedom
40 Nirmit created
41 Nishith Night
42 Parakram Strength
43 Prabhat Dawn
44 Parikshit Tested One, Proven, Son of Abhimanyu
45 Partap One of exalted glory
46 Pratikraj Symbol
47 Prithviraj King of the earth
48 Raghuveer Lord Rama,
49 Raghunath Lord Rama
50 Yashraj King of Flame

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Final words

Even though BABY BOY or BABY GIRL have their own importance and would definitely bring love and happiness in our life but choosing a baby name is as important as other things for a child. Above I had listed 50 unique Royal Rajput Baby Boy Names from various online and offline sources.

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