rajput baby boy names starting with r

Rajasthani Royal Names-Rajput Baby Boy names starting with r

Rajput Baby Boy names starting with r

Rajasthan is an ancient state of Royal and Warrior. Rajasthan is well known as the state of  Kings, Queens, and the Royal Palace of Rajputs.  These days modern many Indian parents like Royal names for their Baby.  Royal Rajput baby boy names or Royal Rajput baby girl names are the foremost choices for Indian Parents. In this post I Will share with you 50  unique Royal Rajput Baby Boy names starting with S.

When choosing the name – you must ensure that it has some characteristic meaning and must sound positive. We must ensure that names should bring confidence and positivity to Children. Child names are not just words but they will be a part of their personality and life in the future. Hence selection of the right baby name is too important for parents as the Right name can bring a positive change child’s thinking and nature.


After various Offline and Online research, I had figured out 50 Unique Royal Rajput Baby Boy names starting with R for you below

Rajasthani Royal Rajput Baby Boy names starting with R

Rajput Baby Boy names starting with R

Here are 50 Unique Royal Rajput Baby Boy names starting with R  for your little prince!!!

Name Meaning
Rabindra Early morning
Rachit Invention
Radhesh Lord Krishna
Radheya Karna
Raghavan Lord Rama
Raghavendra Lord Rama
Raghunath Lord Rama
Raghuraj Lord Rama
Raghuveer Lord Rama
Rahul Capable
Raj King
Rajaram Lord Rama
Rajas Arising from Passion
Rajdeep Best of Kings
Rajdev God’s sovereign
Rajendra Great among all kings
Rajeshwar  lord of kings
Rajiv Lotus Flower
Rajnath Ruler
Rajneesh Lord Chandrma
Rajvijay Victory in War
Rajvijay Victory in War
Rajvir Brave King
Ram Lord Rama
Ramana Efficient
Ramchandra Lord Rama
Ranadheer Mighty in Battle
Randhir Brave in battle field
Ranjeet Victorious
Ranveer hero of the battle
Ratan Gem
Ratnadeep Gem of gems
Ravi Lord surya
Ravindra Lord surya
Raviram  Light of Great Lord Rama
Ravish Continuous progress
Ravith Lord surya
Reyaan Lord Vishnu
Reyansh Part of lord vishnu
Rish Seeker of enlightment
Rishab superior morality
Rishiraj Leader of Saint
Rohit First red ray of sun
Rudra Lord Shiva
Rudraksh Part of Lord shiva
Rudraveer Aggressive Warrior
Rudrpratap Lord shiva part
Rutik Complete
Ruturaj King of season
Rutvik Lord shiva

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Final words

BABY BOY or BABY GIRL have their own importance and would definitely bring love and happiness in our life but choosing a baby name is as important as other things for a child. Above I had listed Unique Rajasthani  Royal Rajput Baby Boy names starting with R from various online and offline sources.

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