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Menstruation calculator Pregnancy – Pregnancy Due Date Calculator | How to calculate pregnancy weeks into months

A Pregnancy Due date is the most important date of pregnancy as it is the most memorable day of the pregnancy journey but the Due Date calculator or Due Date Calculation look so complicated to most of us.

There are too many Pregnancy Due Date Calculators available these days but instead of using them, I recommend that you must learn How to calculate your pregnancy in weeks or months on your own. For your reference, I have listed below all methods related to due date calculation in normal and IVF pregnancy.

Menstruation calculator Pregnancy or Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

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Pregnancy Weeks

Pregnancy is a duration of 9 months and can last around 40 weeks to 42 weeks ( but not beyond 42 Weeks) from the date of the Last mensuration period. This Whole duration can further be break up into three trimesters of 3 months each.

Each trimester has its own importance in fetal growth and the pregnancy cycle. Each trimester is linked to different mood swings and morning sickness.

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How to Calculate pregnancy Weeks into month

Pregnancy weeks conversion to pregnancy month calculation is not difficult at all. You can easily calculate or convert your pregnancy week into month based on the table information mentioned below.

Note: Pregnancy First week starts from the date of the last mensuration period

Pregnancy Week by Week Picture with Pregnancy Week and month chart

How many Weeks Pregnant am I

 Pregnancy week-by- week pictures

 Pregnancy Weeks

 Pregnancy Month

Pregnancy Trimester

Week  1

Month 1

Trimester 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Month 2

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Week 9

Month 3

Week 10

Week 11

Week 12

Week 13

Week 14

Month 4

Trimester 2

Week 15

Week 16

Week 17

Week 18

Month 5

Week 19

Week 20

Week 21

Week 22

Month 6

Week 23

Week 24

Week 25

Week 26

Week 27

Month 7

Trimester 3

Week 28

Week 29

Week 30

Week 31

Month 8

Week 32

Week 33

Week 34

Week 35

Week 36

Month 9

Week 37

Week 38

Week 39

Week 40

When did I conceive and how many weeks am I

Women conceive at the time of Ovulating only -this is the period when women’s ovaries release a new egg. This is the best time to conceive the baby for any expecting couple.

Ovulation usually occurs in mid of the menstrual cycle. if your menstrual period is of 28 days then your ovulation will occur between around 13 to 17 days after your last mensuration period. Hence your exact conceive date will be in between these days only.

But there is one big issue in it- Hardly any women know the exact date of her Ovulation. In many cases, the menstrual cycle duration may vary due to individual hormonal, age, or any health-related issue and It may cause an irregular menstrual cycle and may shift the Ovulation date nearer or farther away to the Last mensuration period date.

To resolve this issue doctors recommended considering the day after the last mensuration period as conceive date to calculate the weeks of pregnancy.

How pregnancy Due Date is calculated

Any expecting mother can calculate her due date with this simple calculation. Due date calculation is completely based on the date of the last mensuration period.

To calculate the Due date just add one year to your last mensuration period then subtract 3 months from it and at last add 7 days to it. For example

Steps to Calculate Pregnancy Due Date

If your date of last mensuration period is 1st of January 2022

Step 1: Add one year to your date of the last mensuration period i.e one year add to 01/01/2022. – step 1 final date will be 01/01/2023

Step 2: Subtract 3 months to step 1 final date i.e subtract 3 months to 01/01/2023 – step 2 final date will be 01/10/2023

Step 3: Add 7 days to Step 2 final date i.e 7 days added to 01/10/2023 – Final due date will be 08/10/2023

So in the above case pregnancy, the due date will be 08th of October 2023.

How do I know how many weeks Pregnant I am without knowing last period

The whole calculation of the Due Date is based on the Date of the Last mensuration period but what if you do not remember the date of your last mensuration period. Well in that case there are some other ways to calculate the exact Due date.

Below I have mentioned a few such ways that can help you out in this :

Date of Intercourse

If you know the date of your intercourse then you can somewhat figure out the approx date of your conception. As per many scientific studies, it is found that after intercourse the sperm can live in glands of the cervix for up to 5 days and sperm can fertilize the egg in the uterus between these 5 days only. so if you know the intercourse date then your conceive date will be in between those 5 days after the intercourse date only.


Ultrasound is an efficient and effective method to calculate a more accurate Due date. During the early pregnancy period through Ultrasound, the doctor measures the fetus crown rump length i.e the length of the fetus from one end to another end this will help them to estimate the exact age of the fetus( baby). With this data, doctor can easily estimate your due date even without knowing your last Mensuration period.

Baby’s HeartBeat

Fetus HeartBeat is directly related to the Fetus’s age. A good Doppler can easily estimate the Due date by knowing the Fetus’s heartbeat. This Due Date estimation is more accurate when Heartbeat calculates in between the 10th to 12 weeks of pregnancy.

For reference below chart shows how the fetus heartbeat changes with pregnancy week

Fetal AgeFetus Heartbeat Range
5 Weeks80-103 ( BPM)
6 Weeks103-126(BPM)
7 Weeks126-149(BPM)
8 Weeks149-172(BPM)
9 Weeks155-195(Average 175 BPM)
12 Weeks120-180(Average 150 BPM)
after 12 Weeks120-160(Average 140 BPM)
Fetus Age and heartbeat chart

Fundal Height

Fundal Height is the distance from the top of the uterus to the pubic bone. By knowing this distance after the 24th week of pregnancy the age of the baby can be easily estimated. The expectation is that after week 24 of pregnancy the fundal height will match the number of weeks of pregnancy — plus or minus 2 centimeters i.e if the Fundal height is 27 Centimeters then the age of the fetus will be 27 weeks.

How is IVF due date calculated

IVF or  In-vitro fertilization (IVF) is the only method where your doctors know the exact date of your conception. IVF is the process in which the Egg was fertilized outside your body ( in laboratories ), later the fertilized egg (zygote) undergoes embryo culture for 2–6 days, and then it is implanted in a female uterus for a successful pregnancy.

To calculate the IVF due date just follow these 3 simple steps

Steps to Calculate IVF due date

Step1: Find your Egg transfer date to your uterus. E.g suppose your egg transfer date is 1st January 2022

Step 2 : Add 266 days to your Egg transfer date .I.e 01/01/2022 + 266 days so step 2 date is 24 September 2022

Step 3: Subtract days of an embryo from step 2 date e g. if embryos age is 3 days old then subtract 3 days from step 2 date i.e 24 September 2022 minus 3 days i.e 21 September 2022.

thus if your Egg transfer date is 01st January 2022 then your IVF Due date will be 21st September 2022.

Through this simple method, you can easily calculate your exact IVF Due date.

Final Word

Each pregnacies is different from others as each baby’s growth is a little different. There are no such things as perfect or accurate Due Date or pregnancy delivery date. Each method mentioned above will give only an estimated or expected due date. Only about 5 percent of deliveries actually take place on their due date. Being the parent you should not much worry about getting the perfect due date because the baby will take birth when they are ready for it . Instead of the Due date, the baby’s growth and proper development are more important. Pregnancy is a memorable time and you should enjoy this journey by making a love bond with your baby before birth – rest all you have to leave on nature. It is always advisable that instead of taking due date stress-you’ll just have to wait for the baby to arrive in his own time, like everyone else for both mother and baby benefit.

To ready about pregnancy trimester do read our detailed guide on the pregnancy trimester and morning sickness

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