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15 Unique xhosa name -luyolo, liyema, liyolatha , lelethu , lubabalo , lihle, liyakhanya ,lulibo ,lumka luyolo ….meaning in xhosa

Unique Name with their meaning in Xhosa.

Xhosa (also isiXhosa) is the most spoken language in Africa. It is the first language of approx. 8.2 million people and the second Language of approx  11 million in South Africa. Xhosa is a Nguni Bantu language and the official language of South Africa and Zimbabwe

These days many young parents are choosing Xhosa names for their children. If you are looking forward to a unique Xhosa name starting with their meaning then in this post I had mentioned a few Unique Xhosa names with their meaning.

Unique Xhosa names and their meaning in Xhosa Name Meaning
1 Lelethu  it’s ours (inheritance)
2 Liyema  The home is standing
3 Luyolo Pleasure
4 liyolatha God eye has pointed
5 Lubabalo Grace
6 Lihle  Is beautiful
7 Liyakhanya  The sun is shining
8 Lulibo  First ripe fruits of a tree
9 Lumka  Be careful
10 Luyolo Pleasure
11 Hlumelo Growth and successor
12 Kwakhanya Bright or light of the family
13 Qhayiya Pride and Joy
14 Siya The boy
15 Uyinene Correct and Right


Final Words

Even though BABY BOY or BABY GIRL have their own importance and would definitely bring love and happiness in our life but choosing a baby name is as important as other things for a child. Above I had listed 15 unique Baby Boy Names with their meaning from various online and offline sources.

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One thought on “15 Unique xhosa name -luyolo, liyema, liyolatha , lelethu , lubabalo , lihle, liyakhanya ,lulibo ,lumka luyolo ….meaning in xhosa

  1. I am a new grandPa…my grand daughter is Lulibo…new to me but refreshing to see the son in law and my daughter digging so deep into our cultures to search for a meaningful name. A name crystallize the eventual manifestation of the ultimate adult…I’m glad…I won’t starve…

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