Dhakshi name meaning – A Hindu Girl name with all other complete details

These days Indian parents prefer to keep a unique name for their newborn babies. Indian Language is full of such unique names and one such unique name is “DHAKSHI” for Baby Girl and if you also want to know Dhaskhi name meaning then .

In this post, I will share some unique information about ” DHAKSHI “. its meaning, origin, and unique beautiful interpretation which make it best for your Baby Girl.

Below are some unique interesting facts about ” Dhakshi ” name

DHAKSHI Meaning and origin
Name Dhakshi
Meaning Goddess Parvathy, Motivation and Powerful
Origin Indian
Religion Hindu
Language Origin Tamil
Gender Girl
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius (DHANNU)
Nakshatra  ( lunar mansion ) Purva Ashada
Lucky Number 6 and 3
Lucky Color Pink and Violet
Dhakshi meaning and origin

Dhakshi Spelling in Different Language 

Language Name Spelling
English Dhakshi
Hindi धक्शी
Tamil தக்ஷி
Chinese 達克希
French Dhakshi
Arabic داكشي
Urdu ڈھکی
Telugu ధాక్షి
Marathi धकशी
Japanese ダクシ
Bangla ঢাকশী
Odia ଧକ୍ଶୀ
Russian дхакши
Tibetian ཏ་ཁ་ཧྲི།
Malayalam ധക്ഷി
Thai ทักษิณา
Dhakshi Spelling in Different Language 

Dhakshi Name person Characteristics

Dhakshi Name person is emotional in nature but they handle all their upcoming difficulties with ease. Dhakshi named person has philosophical by thought and took the decision by heart instead of the mind. These people are helpful and friendly in nature. They are always standing with family and friends in a hard time.

Dhakshi name person Career traits

Dhakshi name person has logical and consulting skills. They are best suited in the Service sector, especially in Information Technology and the banking sector. These people work well in both team as well as team leader. They can easily fit in higher management roles and have the capability to grow in business or jobs exponentially.

Dhakshi name love life

Dhakshi name people are loyal to their partners. They are romantic but committed at the same time. They communicate with their partner openly and have full trust in them. They are strong and lovable at the same time. They do not hesitate to sacrifice their own comfort.

Dhakshi name personality traits

Dhakshi name person has personality traits like independence, Achievement, individuality, and Leadership in character. They are not cunning in nature and free from anger, envy, and discontent. They are very kind-hearted and helpful in nature, They are born leaders and always achieve their target goal. They prefer love over strictness and freedom over authority.

Dhakshi name negative traits

Dhakshi name person easily trusts others due to their kind-hearted nature. Sometimes cunning people use their kind and helpful nature for personal benefits. Dhakshi name people have to learn that they cannot trust everyone blindly.

Final Words

Dhakshi’s name is the Hindu-origin Indian girl’s name. Dhakshi name people have characteristics like kind-hearted, leadership, and commitment. They are born leaders and work well in a team as well. They grow more quickly in their professional life than others and are ready to help others at a hard time. They are the strongest pillar of their family and friends.

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