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Collection of 50 Unique Momjunction Baby Names for your prince and Princess

If you ever searched on Google ” Momjunction Baby Names” then you will get a result that has too many name options.  

Out of their ( Momjunction) Huge Name stocks I have Collected 50 unique Momjunction Baby Names for your little prince and Princess. That will surely help you to choose the best name for your baby.

Collection of 50 Unique Momjunction Baby Names for your prince and Princess

50 Unique Momjunction Baby Boy Names

50 unique baby boy name

Here I had listed 50 unique Baby Boy names for your little prince : Name Meaning
1 Aadil Righteous
2 Advik  unique
3 Ajeya Undefeated
4 Anadi Eternal
5 Arjan Golden life
6 Arne As powerful as an eagle
7 Atid Sun God
8 Brian Strong and honourable
9 Chandran  moon
10 Darsh  sight
11 Ekansh  whole
12 Elvin A noble friend
13 Ethan Strong or gift to the Island
14 Felix Happy and incredibly fortunate
15 Fida Sacrifice
16 Gabriel God is my Strength
17 Gerard Strong and brave-hearted
18 Girik  Lord Shiva
19 Hredhaan  one with a great heart
20 Inesh  strong king
21 Isaac Bringer of joy and laughter
22 Jade Thankful
23 Jihan  the universe
24 Joshua Incredibly generous
25 Keith Spontaneous
26 Leo Lion
27 Litesh God of Literature
28 Lucas One who give Gift
29 Malcolm Disciplined and devoted to God
30 Meet  friend, love
31 Nathan A gift from God
32 Ojal Splendour
33 Oviyan  artist
34 Owen Noble and a young warrior
35 Pranjal  honest
36 Ralph Wise and intelligent
37 Ronit  embellishment
38 Samesh  equality
39 Shane Gracious and kind
40 Theo God’s precious gift
41 Timeus Perfect
42 Treiu Wave
43 Tuhin  snow
44 Umang  enthusiasm
45 Vaidik  spritual
46 Vira Brave
47 Viraf Plenty
48 Yatin  devoted
49 Yug  era
50 Zarir Golden

50 Unique Momjunction Baby Girl Names

Here I had listed 50 unique Baby Boy names for your little princess : Name Meaning
1 Aaravi Peace
2 Afnan Flower
3 Ahaana Dawn
4 Akshya Eternal
5 Amy Beloved
6 Anadilb Nightingale
7 Anaisha Special
8 Anala One who is expressive
9 Anvi Goddess of the Forest
10 Carin Pure
11 Chaitra Aries Sign
12 Dariann A Gift
13 Eashi Happiness
14 Eshita One Who Desires
15 Gin Silver
16 Hera Diamond
17 Himani Goddess of the power
18 Ila Vitality
19 Irna One who bring Celebration
20 Ishanvi Beautiful
21 Joya Happiness
22 Judee Praise
23 Kanak Gold
24 Kiara Peaceful
25 Maisie Pearl
26 Mayra Beloved and Marvelous
27 Navya Young
28 Naztab Shining Grace
29 Neysa Pure
30 Pari Fairy
31 Prisha Beloved god gift
32 Rajal Brilliant
33 Rhia Good Heart
34 Saina Princess
35 Sara Excellent
36 Senay Moon of Happiness
37 Shakti Power
38 Shanaya First ray of sun
39 Soma Moon Rays
40 Stephaine Crown
41 Tamana Wish
42 Taney Valley
43 Thendral Breeze
44 Tibah Kindness
45 Tiya Bird
46 Vipra Inspired
47 Vritika Thought
48 Yukti one who give wise advice
49 Zafreen Victorious, Knowledgable
50 Zuhriyaa Appearance

Final words

Name is important for our baby.  Human babies have abilities to recognize positive sounds and could start responding to their sounds within the first months of their birth.

We all know few sounds have more positive vibrations than others Therefore I had listed above only positive sound vibration names above for your prince and Princess. 

Hence it’s our duty that we select the name for our baby that not only brings positivity to our life but to our baby’s life as well.  

I hope you would find this blog useful. Do share your comments below.

I would indeed be happy to read your views and feedback about my blog.

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50 Unique Baby Names for your prince and Princess