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Chinese Gender 2022 – Gender Calendar 2022

Chinese Gender 2022 is the most widely used gender calendar 2022 prediction method. It is claimed a highly accurate prediction method with 90% accuracy by many websites . Also the same has been confirmed by many online users time to time.

Once you get a positive pregnancy test result. There will be lots of excitement and curiosity about a New Life in your womb. You want to know each and everything about your pregnancy like your due datebaby gender, health preventive measures during pregnancymorning sicknessthree trimesters journey, and many more.

But your family member will be more curious to know “whether you know what you are having?”. I know you are also curious to know your baby’s gender . To fulfill your desire to know your baby’s gender we have designed a Chinese gender 2022 calculator.

Chinese gender 2022

Chinese gender 2022 is based on the ancient Chinese lunar calendar prediction methods. It show the same result as lunar Chinese gender calendar show. The only difference is it more convenient to use than the Chinese gender calendar 2022.


Chinese gender 2022

Chinese Gender 2022 – Gender Calendar 2022

How to use the Chinese gender 2022 calculator .

Chinese gender 2022 calculator predicts your baby’s gender based on lunar month dates . It convert the mother’s age and date of conception dates into lunar month date format as used in ancient lunar month based Chinese gender calendar. Many people think lunar dates are the same as Gregorian or Western calendar dates but that’s not true. The lunar calendar is based on the movement of the moon . However the Gregorian or Western calendar is based on the movement of the earth around the sun. If you don’t know your lunar dates, then you need not worry! We’ve made this Chinese gender 2022 easy for you. All you have to do is:

  • Enter your actual date of birth.
  • Enter your date of conception.
  • Click “Predict Baby’s Gender.”

This calculator will convert your birth date and date of conception into your lunar dates to give accurate gender prediction.

Gender calendar 2022

Gender Calendar 2022 is a calendar based on ancient chinese gender calendar theory. It predicts a Baby’s gender on the basis of your lunar date of birth and date of conception. The Chinese year 2022 is the year of the Zodiac sign Rat ( Mouse). Also each month’s of conception resembles one of the 12 Chinese Zodiac months.

Chinese tradition believes that each zodiac month will influence the life and growth of a new baby. Hence each month has its own importance for baby . Below we have given the gender calendar 2022 for you.

you can read this chart just by following the simple steps mentioned in the Chinese calendar baby gender 2022 to 2023.

How to read Gender Calendar 2022

The Chinese chart Prediction consists of two sections Row and Column . The symbol of Baby Boy is ♂ and the symbol of Baby Girl is ♀.

The Gender calendar 2022 row shows the lunar month of pregnancy.

The column of gender calendar 2022 shows the Chinese lunar mother’s age from 18 to 45 years.

How to calculate the lunar month of pregnancy?

While using the Chinese lunar birth gender calendar 2022 just keep in mind that the calendar row i.e month of pregnancy is the month of conception, not your last menstruation month.

If you do not know the exact conception date then use this method to calculate it.

  • Add 14 days to your last menstruation cycle date

for example if your last conception date is the 12th of the last month then your conception date will be 12+14 i.e 26th of the month. one more point if the conception date is after the 25th of the month then, it should be counted as next month.

How to calculate the lunar age of mother?

The age of the mother is not same as lunar age .To calculate your lunar age just use this method

  • Add 1 year to your Age to calculator your lunar age

For example, if your age is 26-year then as per Chinese lunar calendar your lunar age will be 26+1 i.e 27 years.

How to determine Baby gender based on Gender Calendar 2022?

Suppose you actual age is 25 years as on today and you date of conception is 20th of March ( if you donot know your date of conception then read this calendar baby gender 2022 to 2023 to calculate it) .

To read the gender calendar 2022 use these simples steps

  1. Calculate your lunar age by adding one year to your actual age i.e 25 years +1 year = 26 years .
  2. Calculate your month of conception based on your date of conception i.e 20th of march means Lunar March month
  3. based on step 1 and 2 find our your baby gender from gender calendar 2022 i.e for 26 years of mother lunar age and March month of lunar pregancy your baby gender is Baby Boy ( ♂ )

Where does the Gender Calendar come from?

There are many stories version of the origin of Chiense gender calendar. Few people beleive that real Chinese gender calendar was found 700 ago in ancient royal tomb of Ching Dynasty. other sect of people beleive that Gender calendar was found .n the underground storage room of the Forbidden City of the Ching Dynasty.

But the most accepted theory is that Chinese gender chart is designed in between the periodof 1644 to 1922 AD under the rule of Chinese Qing dynasty and it is based on the theory of Yin Yang, Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth), and Pa Kua (Eight Trigrams). Later in 1900 when Qing dynasty lost the battle with Eight Nation Alliance . The gender calendar was taken by England military forces to England. Later in 1972 few chinese scholar translate the Chinese Gender Calender to English and disclosed it to the public.

Is the Gender Calendar different every Year?

No.Chinese Gender Calendar is based on the fixed Lunar age of mother and fixed lunar month of conception but in today’s era most of use the Gregorian or Western calendar in our daily routine and Birth date or date of conception based on Gregorian or Western calendar never give the correct result in Gender Calendare . So just for your convenience we have label the Gender Calendar with Gregorian or Western calendar dates that inline with Chinese Lunar month dates .

There are multiple Gender Gender Calendar?

There is only one Chinese Gender gender calendar instead of multiple ones. You may find different versions of the chart across different websites but if they differ from the one shown above then it must be wrong one due to some mistake or any other reasons.

What’s the difference between The Chinese Gender 2022 calculator and Gender Calendar 2022.

In this post we have provided you two ways to predict your baby gender during pregnancy. Both of them show the same result based on ancient Chinese gender calendar.Only difference is Chinese Gender 2022 automatically convert your Gregorian or Western calendar based date of birth and date of conception into chinese lunar month dates to show you the correct result.Whereas in Gender Calendar 2022 same steps you need to do manually. In both ways your result is always remain the same and correct as per ancient Chinese gender calendar .

Are there any more ways to predict the baby gender?

Apart from Chinese gender 2022 and gender calendar 2022 there are many other ways as well to predict the baby gender.Some of then are based on Old folk or Old wives Tales and other are purely scientifc methods .We have discussed them in detail at out BABY GENDER section .If you are curious to know then then you can visit the page BABY GENDER for more detailed information.


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