Answer to all your queries about First Trimester

First Trimester

What should I eat during my early weeks of pregnancy?

What should I avoid to do during my pregnancy first trimester?

What to do if I feel any complication during first few weeks itself?

If you are looking for the answers of above question then by this time you are completely sure about your pregnancy and want to know more about your first trimester journey.

In this Blog I will try to answer all your queries related to your pregnancy first trimester  in detail so that you can start your nine journey with right guidance.

Your Pregnancy weeks start from the first day of your last period and  will last up to first 12 weeks, that mean by the time you are reading this post you might already be four to five week pregnant. First trimester is the most important trimester of pregnancy as chance of any miss carriage greatly reduce after this trimester as  during this period only growth of your baby is fastest.

Baby Growth in First Trimester

First month

In first month fertilized egg develop water tight sac (Amniotic sac) around it which act as cushion for it through these nine months .It also develop placenta organ for transfer of nutrient from your body to baby and waste from baby body to your. Baby eyes , mouth ,throat ,blood cell formation and blood circulation start by the end of first month and its size also grow upto ¼ inch approx. The most wonderfull part is that you can listen your baby first heart beat in this month during ultrasound check. Do ask you gynecologist to make you listen it.

Second Month

In this month Baby face continue to develop along with its arm, leg, finger and toes .Apart from that it’s  Brain, Spinal Cord, Digestive system and Bones also take shaped in second month. By the end of second month size of your baby will grow upto 1 inch. In this month itself baby start moving in your womb but you cannot feel it due to your baby small size.

Third Month

By the end of third month your baby body main parts such as arm, finger, feet, toes ,reproductive organ would completely develop and its start moving its little fist and mouth during this month. In ultrasound picture now you will be recognize little bits its body part by own.By the month end baby size will grow upto 4 inches .


Ultrasound is routine part of pregnancy care in first trimester during 6 to 9 week.The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends that all moms get a first trimester ultrasound to ensure estimated due date ,confirm fetal heartbeat ,number of fetuses and ensure proper development of babu. .


Due to bay growth and hormonal changes in your body each week you feel something new and different. There are many symptoms that one can relate to its first trimester pregnancy  but few one that all of us experience during this period  are-

  • Morning Sickness
  • Vomiting and Nausea
  • Increased sense of smell
  • Frequent swing in mood
  • Changes in Breast size
  • Constipation
  • Mild to moderate Cramping
  • Headache

But you need not to worry about it second semester as this is common and second trimester will bring more relief to you.


During first trimester your baby growth is fastest.  So your diet must be accordingly so that all required nutrition will be pass on to your baby. For first trimester you should increase the content of below mention food item in your diet

  • Dairy products such as cheese  milk, Yogurt etc  :- min 3 times a day one cup milk or yogurt .
  • Green Vegetables such as broccoli ,spinach etc:- 4 -5 times a day half cup chopped raw or cooked vegetable.
  • Lean Meat , eggs and Legumes such as lentils, peas, beans, soybeans etc :-2-3 times a day eat protein food such as 2-3 ounce meat ,2 eggs or 1 cup of legumes.
  • Whole grain:-3 times a day half cooked cereals.
  • Fresh fruits:- 4-5 times a day medium piece of fresh fruit
  • Water is most important -you should make sure to avoid any type of dehydration.

Do eat only those foods which you liked. One should not force herself to eat food with which she is not comfortable. Each body has certain specific requirement I would recommend you to first consult with your doctor/dietitian before finalizing any diet chart to ensure you and your baby proper nutrition requirement.



Exercise is as important as your diet in pregnancy but you should avoid doing heavy exercise during pregnancy as sometimes it cause few pregnancy related complication however you can do some light exercise such as

  • Walking in slow pace
  • curl and lift light weights in arm ( not more than 5kg)
  • swimming
  • yoga
  • Meditation

I recommend you to do exercise with low impact only as per your comfort level . You should stop or avoid doing any exercise if you felt uncomfortable at any moment.


Don’t Do list for your Pregnancy

Below is Do not Do list that you must follow during your pregnancy for your health and your baby growth.

  • Do not Smoke
  • Do not Drink Alcohol
  • Do not exercise of high impact such as cycling , heavy weight lifting etc
  • Do not play any games of high impact such as diving ,rugby etc
  • Do not take drugs
  • Do not diet or fast.
  • Do not eat too much beyond your capacity.

Apart from above list there would be many other things that your should avoid doing depending on your normal routine work so I recommend you to share your routine work details with your gynecologist to get know about things that you must avoid during your  pregnancy.

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