7 Best Morning Sickness Home Remedies that lasts all day


Morning Sickness is a sign of pregnancy that starts occur from the 3rd week of pregnancy and can last up to the 16th – 20th of Pregnancy. It involves Vomiting or nausea that can occur with you at any part of the day but in the morning it is more common that’s why it is called Morning Sickness.

Morning Sickness is quite natural to have morning sickness during pregnancy but sometimes it occurs too frequently in a day, and we just want to get some break from it and the same I felt during my pregnancy period.

I had some of my own personal hack or home remedies that work for me and last all day. In this post, I will share with you my secret 7 Best Morning Sickness Home Remedies that last all day.

I recommend you to read this post till the last so that you would be aware of all Morning sickness home remedies before trying it any.

Take a lemon water once a day

Taking Lemon water once a day is the best remedy for morning sickness. Its daily consumption  during pregnancy will not only help you to get relief from morning sickness but it also provides benefits like

  • Blood pressure control
  • Avoid constipation
  • Improve digestion
  • Remove toxic elements from body
  • Improve the immune system.

How to Prepare Lemon Water

Required Ingredients
– 1/2 cut lemon
– 1 glass of  warm water
– 1 tablespoon honey for natural sweetener ( optional)

Steps to make lemon water

  • Squeeze one-half of the lemon in an empty clean glass to extract its juice.
  • Add 1 glass of warm water to it and mix well.
  • Add natural sweeteners like honey to it and drink.

Prenatal yoga

Yoga is a good way to start a day. A light prenatal yoga will reduce vomiting by improving your digestion process and keeping you active throughout the day.
Few easy prenatal yoga Asana that you can try are

Marjariasana(Cat Stretch)

Steps to perform Marjariasana yoga are:

  • Get on all fours, like a cat. Shoulder over wrists and hips over knees, with your weight evenly distributed along with your hands and knees.
  • Focus on any point in front of you.
  • Inhale and expand the belly toward the floor. Raise your chin and tilt your head backward toward the spine.
  • Then exhale and pull the belly button in, towards the spine. The chin should rest on the chest and direct your vision toward the nose. Your back should be rounded.
  • Complete as many rounds as you’d like.

To read more about Marjariasana yoga click here

Konasana(Standing Sideways Bending One Arm)

Steps to perform Konasana

  • Breathe in and raise the left arm up so that the fingers point towards the ceiling.
  • Breathe out and bend to the right, first from the spine, and then move your pelvis to the left and bend a little more. Keep your left arm pointing up.
  • Turn your head to look up at the left palm. Straighten the elbows.
  • Breathing in, straighten your body back up.
  • Breathing out, bring the left arm down.
  • Repeat with the right arm. Sideways bending with one arm

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To learn more about how to perform these yoga asanas watch this video

Eat 6 times a day( in small chunks)and never miss your meal.

An empty stomach makes morning sickness worse so never ever miss your meal.
You must take at least 6 times a meal in a small amount. You can follow below meal schedule during your first trimester but ensure to drink fluids a 1/2 hour before or after meals, but not with meals for better results.

Early Morning Meal

Start your early morning with crackers or dry cereal and then take some fruits like cold apple sauce, pears, bananas, or any citrus fruit .

Breakfast Meal

Take a high protein-rich breakfast meal. you can include the following items in your meal

  • Egg products
  • Lean meat
  • Cereals and oats
  • dairy products like cheese ,milk , yogurt.

also, you can take some fluid as milkshakes if you feel to have some.

After Breakfast and before Lunch snack

Have some dry cereals, walnut and oat bar, or plain salty crackers.

Lunch Meal

your lunch meal should be carb-rich you could take rice, pasta or noodle, fresh salad or boiled vegetables as your lunch meal.

Evening snacks

Take some fluid-rich meal such as fruit smoothies, chicken soup, or broth.

Dinner Meal

For Dinner always avoids spicy and greasy foods. Take simple dishes like half-cooked cereals, legumes, plain baked potato, and fruit salad as your night meal.

Little Ginger and honey will help

Ginger and honey are the most common and recommended home remedies for morning sickness .once a day intake of 5ml Ginger and honey intake can help you to remove nausea, vomiting, and aids digestion process.
But excess intake of ginger can cause constipation and heat in the body.

Always Be hydrated

Plan your fluid intake wisely between your meal. Do ensure to take at least 90 ounces of water each day i.e approx 10 to 12 cups of water each day.

A Good intake of water will aids you in  better digestion, nutrition circulation in the body, and removal of toxic chemicals from body

Increase Banana share in your meal

Banana is a rich source of vitamin B6 and carbohydrates. Try to increase  Banana portions in your daily meals especially in the morning breakfast. if you do not like the banana taste then you can try other vitamin B6-rich foods as well like Beef, liver, pork, ham, and whole-grain cereals as well in place of Banana.

Take atleast 20 minutes short walk in day

A slow pace walk for at least 20 minutes is the best way to make your mind, heart, and fetus healthy. Research says 20 minutes short walk release endorphins that reduce fatigue and nausea. At the same time, it helps you improve your mood swing and blood circulation as well.

Few More secret tips for you

In addition to the above, you can try the below-given home remedies as well

  • Avoid Spicy, Fatty, and greasy Food
  • Avoid an environment that triggers your nausea and vomiting feeling like any strong smell or any specific food taste.
  • Use your smell sense to control your vomiting triggers like the smell of lemon, orange, and mint.
  • Avoid taking vitamins on an empty stomach as it can lead to gas problems in the stomach.
  • you can use external additional help like anti-vomiting Band, anti-vomiting Medicine like doxylamine-pyridoxine, etc.

Frequently Asked Question

Foods that fight nausea during pregnancy

Here are the few foods that can help you to fight nausea

  • Fresh Fruit Juices like Ginger Melon juice ,Apple cucumber , Orange and lemon juice ( Donot take processed canned juice)
  • Tea like ginger, Licorice Root and Peppermint tea can be uses as anti nausea drink.
  • Few sips of sports drink, soda water and iced tea could be take as anti nausea drink
  • Easily digestable food like saltine crackers, unsweetened cereal, rice, dry toast or plain oatmeal
  • Protein food like nuts Chicken Broth and nut.
  • Snacks like Oats and walnut bar, Whole wheat and Fennugreek cracker are best anti vomiting snacks.
  • Fruits like Beetroot ,Banana and apple can be helpful in reducing vomiting in some cases.

The best fruit for morning sickness

There are a few fruits that are considered as best for morning sickness treatment such as

  1. Apple-some amount of Fibre food can slow down the digetsion process and sometime help in reducing nausea.
  2. Banana- Its a good source of Vitamin B6 and potassium which is great helful in reducing vomiting .
  3. Coconut water – it has natural electrolytes and can give releif in vomiting
  4. Orange Slices-Orange slices is rich in Vitamin C and had anti vomiting property .It provide quick relief in many cases.
  5. Watermelon -Watermelon is rich in Water content and its few slices can reduce your morning sickness uneaseness.
  6. Lemon Juice- Lemon is best known for reducing morning sickness .Lemon jucie extact with water can be use for treatment of Morning Sickness

When is morning sickness the worst ?

Morning Sickness starts to occur after the 3rd Week of pregnancy but it can be worst in between 9 to 10 the week of pregnancy as during the end of the first trimester and growth of fetal is quick during this period.

How to Know whether my nausea is normal or it requires medical treatment.

Morning sickness is a common symptom or sign of pregnancy and gets settled after the first trimester but in a few cases, It may cause some complications. there are some symptoms which if occur then one should take the consult with a doctor immediately. It includes symptoms like

  1. severe nausea and vomiting.
  2. Sudden Weight loss and dehydrationin body.
  3. Feeling of getting faint
  4. Amdominal Pain
  5. Fever
  6. High headaches.

If any of such symptoms occur then you must consult with your doctor at the earliest as these are the early sign of fetus health-related problems.

Final Words

Morning Sickness is an early sign of pregnancy. It is a part of your pregnancy journey and its natural process through which the body cleanses out the toxic materials which are not good for our fetus. Morning sickness will slowly fade out by the end of the first trimester. 99% times all mothers are able to handle it easily with above mention home remedies but in the case, at any point of time you feel that it is not bearable then you must consult with your doctor as it could be a pregnancy-related problem sign.

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I hope you like this post. If you have any queries then do comment below I would surely revert back to you?


if you have your own secret trick to reduce morning sickness then do comment below as it would beneficial for all new mom


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