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25 unique Xhosa Names for Makoti | Unique Xhosa Makoti Names

Calling your better half with a loving nickname will bring more romance to married life. In Africa, many youngsters nowadays prefer to use traditional nickname Xhosa names  for makoti instead of spouse names.

A bride’s nickname provides a way to cherish, honor, and appreciate your better half and her existence in your life. I carried out some research and found a few unique nicknames that are loved most and appreciated by your love. These names will bring more love and romance spark to your life. Below I had given unique Xhosa names for makoti which you can use as nicknames for your lady.

Unique Xhosa Makoti Names


Makoti Name Meaning
Intsomi Fairy
Iyamangalisa astonishing
Amagqabi Petals
Amahlalutye Pebbles
Igqibelele perfect
Iilekese Candy
Ikherubhi Cherub
Intle Gorgeous
Ixabiso Precious
Iyakhazimla Sparkles
Kuyathandeka Lovely
Mhle cute
Nkosazana Princess
Nkosikazi (igama lomyeni): Mrs. (Husband name)
Ntyatyambo Blossom
Ubuhle Beauty
Ukulahla Dumpling
Umfazi wife
Umntwana Baby
Umnyama Rainbow
Umphefumlo soul
Umtshakazi Bride
Ushushu Hottie
Uthando love
Wenenekazi Lady

Final Words

Life partners are the two sides of the same coin . Marriage is the bond that completes you and your better half. it is the start of new life, a new family, and new bonding.  Romance and love are the pillars of happy married life and choosing the cute loveable nickname for your wife can add more love to your life. Above I had listed 25 Unique Xhosa Makoti Names with their meaning from various online and offline sources.

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