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2022 Chinese gender calendar with100 percent accurate Baby Gender Predictor

Every mom has a desire to know their baby’s gender before its birth. Well if you are pregnant and curious to know about your Baby’s Gender before birth then this article is for you.

Most of the time as soon as the mother gets a positive pregnancy test result her perspective toward life get changes. Many women get overwhelmed with the feeling of having a new life in their womb.

Also, there will be lots of excitement and curiosity in their mind about their new babies like due datebaby gender, health preventive measures during pregnancymorning sicknessthree trimesters journey, and many more.

but the most curious thing that every woman and her family member want to know is

“Does She Know whether her child is a Boy or a Girl?”

As a parent, I know you are too curious to know about your baby’s gender. In this post, I share with you a highly accurate 100 percent accurate Baby Gender Predictor that gives 100% accurate results in all cases. if you are excited about your baby’s gender, read this post and use our 2022 Chinese gender calendar with our 100 percent accurate Baby Gender Predictor.

2022 Chinese gender calendar100 percent accurate Baby Gender Predictor

Our Baby gender predictor is based on the Chinese baby gender calendar 2022. Many websites claim the Chinese baby gender calendar 2022 is a 100 percent accurate baby gender predictor 2022 for pregnant women. This quite famous baby gender predictor calendar 2022 is based on the Chinese lunar month calendar which uses the mother’s Chinese lunar age and month of conception for the prediction of baby gender.

Baby Gender Predictor -2022 Chinese gender calendar

Chinese baby gender calendar 2022

How to read the 2022 Chinese gender calendar

The 2022 Chinese gender calendar consists of two sections a Row and a Column with the two symbols  ♂ and  ♀.

 ♂  is a symbol of Baby Boy

 ♀ is a symbol of a Baby Girl.

The 2022 Chinese gender calendar column shows the lunar month of pregnancy for different lunar mothers’ age.

2022 Chinese gender calendar -How to calculate the lunar age of the mother?

The Chinese lunar age of the mother is not the same as the age which is based on the western calendar. Chinese believe that person’s date of birth is the date of the mother’s conception. you can use the below method to calculate your lunar age :

  • Add 1 year to your Age to calculator your lunar age

For example, if your age is 26-year then as per the Chinese lunar calendar your lunar age will be 26+1 i.e 27 years.

2022 Chinese gender calendar-How to calculate the lunar month of pregnancy?

While using the 2022 chinese gender calendar just keep in mind that the calendar column i.e month of pregnancy is the month of conception, not your last menstruation month.

If you do not know the exact conception date then use this method to calculate it.

  • Add 14 days to your last menstruation cycle date

for example, if your last conception date is the 12th of the last month then your conception date will be 12+14 i.e 26th of the month. one more point if the conception date is after the 25th of the month then, it should be counted as next month.

How to determine the Baby’s gender using the 2022 Chinese gender calendar?

Suppose the mother’s age is 26 years as per the western calendar and the date of conception is 21st of April ( if you do not know your date of conception then read this calendar baby gender 2022 to 2023 to calculate it) .

To read the Baby Gender predictor chart 2022 use these simples steps

  1. Calculate the mother’s lunar age by adding one year to your actual age i.e 26 years +1 year = 27 years.
  2. Calculate the mother’s month of conception based on your date of conception i.e 21st of April means the Lunar April month
  3. based on steps 1 and 2 find your baby’s gender from the 2022 chinese gender calendar i.e for 26 years of mother lunar age and March month of lunar pregnancy your baby gender is Baby Boy ( ♂ )

100 percent accurate Baby Gender Predictor

Baby Gender Predictor

Mother’s Date of Birth:
Child’s Conception Date:

How to use the 100 percent accurate Baby Gender Predictor?

100 percent accurate Baby Gender Predictor predicts your baby’s gender based on Chinese lunar month dates. It converts the mother’s age and date of conception dates into the Chinese lunar month date format as used in the ancient lunar month-based Chinese gender calendar. Many people think lunar dates are the same as Gregorian or Western calendar dates but that’s not true. The lunar calendar is based on the Full moon’s cycle dated i.e date of the Full moon to the new moon and then again back to the Full moon making one complete lunar month. However, the Gregorian or Western calendar is based on the movement of the earth around the sun. If you don’t know your lunar dates, then you need not worry! We’ve made this Baby Gender Predictor easy for you. All you have to do is:

  • Enter your actual date of birth.
  • Enter your date of conception.
  • Click “Predict Baby’s Gender.”

This calculator will convert your birth date and date of conception into your lunar dates to give accurate gender predictions.

Are there any more ways to predict the baby’s gender?

Apart from the 2022 Chinese gender calendar and the Baby Gender Predictor, there are many other ways to predict the baby’s gender. Some of them are based on the Mayan gender tools, Chinese gender Calendar, Old folk or Old wives’ Tales and others are purely scientific methods. We have discussed them in detail in our BABY GENDER section. If you are curious, you can visit the page BABY GENDER for more detailed information.

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