100 Unique Baby Boy Names that start with “H”- h unique boy names

Name plays an important role in our life. It is part of our identity by which the world knows us and calls us.

Choosing the right name is not easy, especially when we want to do it for our baby.

I know you love your son unconditionally and wanna everything best for him, even a name also!!!

So in order to help you out, I had figured out 100 unique Baby Boy Name that starts with “ H“ from various online and offline sources.

Here are 100 unique Baby Boy Names that start with “H” for your little prince!!!

100 – h unique boy names

h unique boy names
s.no Name Meaning
1 Haadiya Guide to righteouness
2 Haady Guiding to the right
3 Haakesh Lord of sound
4 Haakon High Son
5 Haaziq Intelligent, Skillfull
6 Habeeb Beloved
7 Haber Have
8 Habib Beloved
9 Hackett Hewer
10 Haden hill of heather
11 Hadi The guide
12 Haegan little fire
13 Hafid The Wise One
14 Haile Power, might
15 Hajime Beginning
16 Hakesh Lord of sound
17 Hakue Pure Blessing
18 Hamish Supplanter
19 Hamzah Lion
20 Hana Happiness
21 Hanan Mercy
22 Hanbal Purity
23 Hann Gift from God
24 Hannu God is Gracious
25 Hans Swan
26 Hansal God is gracious, Swan like
27 Hansin The universal soul
28 Hansin Universal soul
29 Hansin The Universal soul
30 Hanvesh Very soft mind
31 Hara The Remover of sins
32 Haraiksha Lord Shiva
33 Harambe Helping each other
34 Harbinder Absorbed in God
35 Hardik heartfelt
36 Hardik Heartful
37 Hareendra Lord Shiva
38 Haresh Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva
39 Haresh Lord Krishna
40 Haridyan One absorbed in god
41 Harij The horizon
42 Harij Horizon
43 Harilal Son Of Hari
44 Harin Pure
45 Harindra A Tree
46 Hariom Lord Vishnu
47 Hariraj King of lions, Brave
48 Harit Green
49 Harjeet Victorious
50 Harkeerath God’s song
51 Harman Rsides in everyone’s heart
52 Harmon Soldier Warrior
53 Harsha Joy
54 Harshat Happiness
55 Harshill Joyful
56 Harshul Deer
57 Haru Light or Sun
58 Haruki Brightness
59 Havish Lord Shiva
60 Hawken Noble
61 Hayes heir of Fire
62 Hayk Head of the Family
63 Haytham Lion
64 Heer Powerful
65 Helge Dedicated to the gods
66 Hemant Beautiful season of the year
67 Hemayu One with a long life
68 Hemil Gold
69 Hendrik Home Ruler
70 Henri Rules his household
71 Herald Army Power
72 heran by the rules
73 Hercules Son of Zeus
74 Himmat Courage
75 Himnish Lord Shiva
76 Hinto Blue
77 Hiran Gold
78 Hiranya a precious metal
79 Hiranyak Name of Maharishi
80 Hiren Lord of Diamonds
81 Hiro abundant
82 Hiten The Heart
83 Hitesh Lord of goodness
84 Hizrat Freshness
85 Hobert Brilliant mind
86 Hodo Dharma Way
87 Hoku Star
88 Homa Oblation
89 Hooman Good Soul, Good Natured
90 Hosho Voice of Dharma
91 Houd A prophet’s name
92 Hriday Heart
93 Hriday Heart
94 Hrishi Pleasure
95 Huda Right Guidance
96 Huda Right Guidance
97 Hurmat Chastity, Sacred
98 Hurrah Liberal, Free
99 Hutesh God of the earth
100 Huw Heart. Mind. Inspiration. Intelligent


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h unique boy names

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Final Words

Even though BABY BOY or BABY GIRL have their own importance and would definitely bring love and happiness in our life but choosing a baby name is as important as other things for a child. Above I had listed 100 unique Baby Boy Name that starts with “ H“- h unique boy names from various online and offline sources.

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I hope you have found this blog useful. Do share your comments below.

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